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Every industry and occupation could be prone to accidents at work. Transportation, mining, construction manufacturing, and mining are all more prone to injuries at work due to the inherent risks and hazards. But, accidents can occur at work.

A Sandy Springs workers’ compensation lawyer should be sought out if you’ve been injured or sickened due to hazardous working conditions. 1 Georgia Injury Lawyers PLLC has lawyers who can help you receive the maximum benefits. We will help you determine whether you’re entitled to an award for your workplace accident.

It isn’t easy to comprehend the federal and state laws on employment and compensation. Making yourself the subject of a workers compensation claim is not a good idea. Our Sandy Springs injury lawyers can help you defend your rights throughout the process of claiming. There is no need to fight the insurance company on your own. Our legal experts will handle the negotiations with adjusters from insurance for you.

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What Exactly Is Workers Compensation?

Employers and employees are both responsible and have rights when working. You are entitled to claim compensation if you get injured while at work. If you’re injured at work the employer’s responsibility to pay the compensation.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the laws governing workers’ compensation differ from state to the next. The Georgia Workers’ Comp Act guides employers as well as employees. It can be difficult to comprehend this law. It isn’t an easy job. To ensure the most favorable result in your personal injury case you require the assistance of a Sandy Springs workers’ compensation lawyer.

What Do I Do if I’m Injured on the Job?

There are a variety of ways you can aid in proving your claim if you’re injured while at work. Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for companies with three or more employees. If you suffer an injury at work the insurance will cover your expenses. The most crucial steps to take following an injury on the job:

Inform Your Employer of the Injuries You Sustained:

It is crucial to notify your employer that you’re being injured . It is essential to notify your employer within 30 days in order to not lose your benefits. Don’t ignore any minor injuries. You could end up having more harm than you anticipated.

See a Doctor Immediately for Medical Attention:

Get immediate treatment with a licensed doctor immediately If you suffer an injury while at work. If you are injured while working the employer might recommend certain medical professionals. Follow the advice and instructions from your physician.

Make Notes of What Has Happened:

Make a thorough note of every detail. Keep a written note of the details of the accident including the date and time as well as whereabouts.

Take a Picture of Where You Were Injured:

Photographic evidence can be used to create a solid workers’ compensation claim. The phone can be used to take photos and video of any hazards or injuries which were at the scene of the accident.

Claim Workers’ Compensation:

A seasoned Sandy Springs workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in filling out the Georgia claim form. 1Georgia Injury Lawyers is determined to ensure that your claim is approved. Our legal team can to assist you in obtaining compensation for losses such as prescriptions, doctor bills and work missed.

Rest & Recover:

When we have all the information about your workplace accident our team will reach out to your employer as well as your insurance company. This lets you focus on recovering.

What Are the Most Common Types of Workplace Accidents?

Anyone can get injured while at work. Employees aren’t the only ones to suffer workplace injuries. Executives, employees in-house and desk employees can all get injured in the course of their work. Here are some of the most frequent injuries Sandy Springs workers suffer while working:

  • Burns
  • Neck & Back Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Hearing Loss
  • Joint pain
  • Amputations
  • Construction accidents
  • Accidents involving machinery.

A reputable Sandy Springs law firm will do all that is possible to ensure you receive the most benefits from your accident. If you’ve suffered one of these injuries while working, we will pursue an equitable settlement.

What Is the Cost of Hiring a Sandy Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

1Georgia Injury Lawyers PLLC’s Sandy Springs workers’ compensation lawyers operate on a contingency basis. If your case is dismissed and you lose, you do not have to pay any costs. This lets you focus on your recovery , not worrying about upfront or hourly fees.

A contingency fee agreement must be prepared in accordance with the Georgia State Bar. The only time you have to pay is when you are compensated in the event of an accident at work.

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What Should I Do If My Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Rejected?

You are able to appeal the decision of an insurance company if you are denied workers’ compensation claim is rejected. If you’re injured at work, it’s the responsibility of your employer to ensure that benefits are covered. It is possible to seek help from a Sandy Springs workers’ compensation lawyer in this time of need.

Relax and recuperate while we work directly with the insurance provider. Our lawyers will develop the most effective legal strategy to overturn the insurer’s decision, and make sure that you get the compensation to which you have earned.

The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation can decide on appeals to the decisions of your employer or insurance company. The Workers’ Compensation Board is the agency that administers the Workers’ Compensation Act of Georgia. The agency functions as an administrative court and handles claims for compensation from workers.

If you receive a denial notice from your insurance provider It is recommended to consult with a lawyer to determine whether you have any legal recourse.

Can I Be Fired for Filing a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claim?

It’s illegal in Georgia to fire or dismiss a worker who file workers’ compensation claims. Employers shouldn’t discriminate against or penalize employees who file an insurance claim. This is in violation of the Retaliatory Employee Discharge Act (REDA) which safeguards employees who participate in prohibited actions.

After filing a claim your employer could dismiss you. You are able to file a complaint with the Georgia Department of Labor. If your employer fires you or reduces your status, our respected law firm is able to offer sound legal advice.

Can I Sue Employer for a Workplace Injury in Georgia?

Employers are not liable for the majority of worker’s compensation cases. The majority of workers’ compensation benefits are provided by your employer’s insurance company. You might be able to bring a lawsuit against your employer in specific circumstances.

If you’ve suffered injuries result of your employer’s negligent or reckless actions and you want to sue them, you have the option of suing them. In order to show that your employer violated their duty of take care of you and caused damage and injuries, you’ll require the help of a Sandy Springs workers’ compensation lawyer.

What Is the Value of My Sandy Springs Workers’ Compensation Claim Worth?

It’s normal to ask if compensation is available following an accident at work. Many people who suffer from workplace accidents are unsure of what they’ll receive from their claims. This is a question which workers’ compensation attorneys in Sandy Springs have to answer.

1Georgia Injury Lawyers PLLC understands that a claim for compensation from workplace injuries will help you meet your financial obligations after an accident. To ensure you receive the maximum amount of amount of compensation for your injuries, our legal team will build an effective case. These are some of the potential advantages of filing a workers’ compensation case in Sandy Springs.

Your Medical Expenses:

Compensation benefits may cover costs like hospital visits as well as mileage reimbursement and expenses related to operations. The expenses have to be paid in a medical facility that is approved.

Rehab Expenses:

Rehabilitation is often required following an accident at work. In the event of an accident, your settlement could cover the cost of occupational therapy or physical therapy.

Prescription Medicine:

Workers’ compensation insurance benefits may include medications and assistive devices.

Vocational Rehabilitation:

A claim for injury resulting from an accident at work could be a way to train for new work, the cost of the placement process, as well as career counseling.

Death Benefits:

You could be eligible to receive benefits if your beloved person died as a result of an accident at work. Benefits for death in Georgia could be as high as $10,000 for funeral and burial costs. Death benefits can include up to two-thirds of the weekly average income of the minor or spouse. Once they start receiving benefits, the payout could last for up to 500 weeks.

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You could be entitled to compensation if you’ve been injured in an accident on the job in Sandy Springs. You are entitled to compensation as an employee. Employers have the same obligations, rights and responsibilities. A knowledgeable lawyer for workers’ compensation will protect your interests and protect your rights in the event of a personal injury claim.

1Georgia Injury Lawyers PLLC’s legal team will assist you in obtaining the benefits you’re entitled to. To make a convincing case, we’ll conduct an exhaustive investigation of your case. We will help you obtain compensation for income loss and medical prescriptions, surgeries expenses, physical therapy costs and the loss of earning capacity.

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