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According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), 39.5 million patients require treatment for injuries suffered during an accident every year. Around 29.4 million suffer injuries that are serious enough to warrant a trip to an emergency room, and 169,936 suffer injuries that result in deaths. Personal injuries are the third most common reason for deaths in the United States after cancer and heart disease. You are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries in the event that you’re among these few. It is your right to.

You could be eligible for compensation if you’ve been injured due to the negligence of someone else. To maximize the amount you receive get in touch with a Sandy Springs personal injury lawyer at 1Georgia Injury Lawyers. To schedule a no-cost consultation, contact our personal injury firm in Sandy Springs at 678-635-9939.

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What Is Needed for a Successful Personal Injury Claim?

A clear liability, serious injuries, and deep pockets are the primary elements of a successful personal injury claim. But, it does not mean you require all the stars in order to have an outcome that is satisfying. It’s not always the case. If you aren’t able to provide enough of any component the claim will be less effective. Our Sandy Springs personal injury lawyers will assist you in navigating your claim.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you’re hit head-on on by a drunk driver while driving along the freeway. The driver who caused the accident acknowledges that he/she is the one responsible for the crash. The driver who caused the accident is completely accountable.

You suffer a traumatic brain injury. Now you are suffering from serious injuries. Imagine the driver at fault is unemployed and only covered under an insurance policy for bodily injuries of $15,000. In spite of the obvious value of your personal injury case the options to collect are not unlimited.

Clear Liability

Clear liability occurs when the responsibility for the accident cannot be disproved. Imagine someone running a red light and then apologizes for the incident. It is also possible to imagine someone causing an accident while driving drunk. These scenarios seem quite clear regarding the liability.

A clear liability requirement is crucial in an injury claim. Georgia is considered a state with a comparative fault. The percentage of fault you have in an accident can affect the amount you can recover. If you’re 25% responsible for an accident, your settlement will be cut by 25%. If the other person is 100% accountable for the incident the amount you receive will be at the highest amount.

Severe Injuries

It doesn’t matter if you’re injured to be able to file a an individual case. The personal injury case you file is more valuable the more serious the injuries are.

Deep Pockets

The more money the defendant has, the more likely you are to obtain a significant settlement. Sometimes, I need to remind my clients that they’re twice the victims. The first is because they were hurt by the negligence of someone else. The second reason is that they were put in a pigeonhole by what the person was covered for.

Personal injuries are handled by the party at fault’s insurance company. It is possible that you won’t be able to claim compensation in the event that the party at fault isn’t or was not insured. If you have assets that are worthy of protection are likely to buy insurance. The person at fault may have bought a small amount of insurance. They might not have assets that are worthy of protection or have had a better insurance policy. It is possible that you will only be able to recover the amount they’ve insured.

Why Do I Need a Sandy Springs Personal Injury Lawyer?

It is recommended to file a personal injury claim if you believe that someone else has caused your injuries. The first step is to consider what makes a successful personal injury claim. This includes obvious liability, serious injuries, as well as deep pockets.

It is also important to consider that personal injury cases can make you test your patience.

However, if you were injured by someone else and you suffered an injury, they must be paid compensation. It is likely that you will require medical attention, and you are likely to be paying for medical expenses. Why not be paid? A Sandy Springs personal injury lawyer can make the process less difficult and less stressful.

What Is the Process for a Personal Injury Case?

If you choose to employ a Sandy Springs personal injury attorney, you must be aware of the procedure. When someone decides to hire our legal assistance, I’ll guide them through the typical process for a personal injury case.

Medical Treatment

You could be the kind that doesn’t enjoy the doctor’s office and doesn’t go to one even if they have been injured. It’s possible that you don’t visit an ER doctor due to the fact that you don’t realize that you’re injured. It is important to see a doctor right away after an accident. In the event of any accident, the first thing you need to take is to seek medical treatment. In the event of a personal injury claim medical records be used as evidence.

Examining the Claim

When you’re not busy dealing recovering from your injuries, your lawyer will look over the claim. This includes taking your written statement and interviewing witnesses, obtaining videos, photographs and a copy of the crash report, submitting claims to insurance companies, contacting health insurance companies, asking for documents on employment, background checks and more. While your personal injury lawyer handles all the other details, you need to concentrate on your health.

Sandy Springs personal injury lawyer meeting hurt man

Reviewing and Obtaining Medical Records

Once you’ve completed the treatment for the injuries you sustained, your personal attorney will ask for all of your medical bills and medical records from the medical center of your choice. The lawyer will go through the medical records and create an account of your personal injury claim.

The Demand Letter Is Sent Out

Once your personal injury attorney has sent you a demand letter requesting to settle the matter and have all your expenses and medical documents in exhibit form, they will forward the demand letter to the party at fault or their insurance company , or their legal counsel. The demand letter will be delivered to the opposing of the parties. The deadline to respond to the demand letter is typically 30 days.

Negotiating a Settlement

In this scenario negotiations might not be required. Your lawyer will negotiate to resolve your case if the other party refuses to agree with your request. If the party at fault refuses or offers a settlement amount that is not satisfactory, a lawsuit could be required.

Filing a Lawsuit

The majority of personal injury cases within Georgia can be settled outside of court. However, sometimes, it is required to file a lawsuit in order to make the other side of the case to take your case seriously and to offer a fair settlement.

The Negotiation of Medical Bills

The personal injury lawyer you hire will begin the final stage of your case. This is to negotiate your medical expenses downonce you’ve reached an agreement.

Health Insurance

This means that you must get in touch with your insurance company because they might be in a position to pay any medical expenses. The party at fault is paying you for medical expenses. If the health insurance company paid the medical bills and the defendant is now paying those same expenses, it’s called a double recovery.

The law does not like it. The settlement you receive from your personal injury case may permit you to receive compensation from your insurance provider for any charges they’ve paid for on your behalf. Your lawyer will determine the amount of reimbursement payable to the insurance.

What Is a Personal Injury Lawsuit Worth?

You may would like to be aware of the answer to the million-dollar question prior to you begin your personal injury claim.

To support a personal injury claim, there are four components needed:

  • Duty
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation
  • Damages

We won’t get into details on each one, but we’ll tell you when you inquire about how much your personal injury claim is worth What is the “damages?”

A jury is typically responsible to determine what “damages will be worth.” According to the American Judges Association that only 3% of personal injury claims ever proceed to trial. The majority of personal injury cases settle prior to trial, for a sum which provides an estimate of the worth of the claim before a juror.

It is the sum of several diverse categories that are combined to create one lump amount. This is the amount you could be awarded in the course of a Sandy Springs personal injury lawsuit.

  • Medical bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Lost Earning Capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Depression and emotional distress
  • Physical Impairment
  • Disfigurement
  • Inconvenience
  • The loss of enjoyment

Every one of these categories could be a subjective one, but not more than suffering and pain. Because pain and suffering are subjective, there could be a variety of opinions regarding the worth of any personal injury case.

Free Consultation With a Sandy Springs Personal Injury Attorney

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