What Are My Legal Rights After a Car Accident in North Atlanta?

A car accident can be traumatic. It is easy to forget your rights while dealing with the injuries and stress caused by the accident. It is also possible to forget your rights and fall for the tricks of insurance companies to protect your interests.

Our North Atlanta car accident lawyers will provide information about the rights of victims of car accidents. Our attorneys will help you protect your rights and make sure you don’t lose out if you are a victim of a car accident. We offer exceptional legal advice and representation.

The Basic Legal Rights of Car Accident Victims

Georgia’s fault system ensures that victims of auto accidents are compensated for property and physical injuries. Victims who aren’t aware of their rights may not receive the compensation they deserve or even none. It is important to know and exercise your legal rights.

Here are some legal rights that victims of car accidents have.

Insurance Companies Have the Right to Withhold Statements

First, you need to understand that insurance agencies are not your friend. After a car accident, your insurance carrier will contact you to record a statement. As you are not required to, politely decline the request.

Don’t listen to the insurance company telling you that refusing to record a statement will cause delays in processing your claim. It is best to contact an auto accident lawyer at this point. Your attorney will help you to give any statements that may be required. Keep in mind that insurance companies can use your statements against you and attempt to place some blame on you.

Get Information about the Accident

You have the right to information as a victim of a car accident. Here is information about the accident. It also contains any video and photographic evidence taken at the accident site.

A copy can be requested from the investigating authority. Atlanta’s police department or Georgia State Patrol could be the one who requests a copy. An auto accident lawyer can help you if any of these agencies deny you access to the information. This right should not be relinquished, as evidence is required to prove the fault driver’s liability.

The Right to Indemnify

Car accident victims will know that injuries beyond broken bones, bruises, and lacerations are much more serious than just broken bones. Traffic collisions can cause physical, emotional, and mental trauma. These accidents can have a significant impact on your life and may cause you to develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

You have the right to sue for damages if an accident is caused by negligence. This usually includes medical bills, property damage, lost income, disability, income loss, and loss of earning capacity. Your pain and suffering, as well as any emotional distress, are all covered by the compensation.

Right To Legal Representation

Any victim of a car accident has the right to seek legal representation if they wish. Most people would rather not have legal representation when pursuing an injury claim. These people end up ignoring their rights or breaking the law.

It is wise to hire legal representation. An attorney will look out for your best interests and protect you from being cheated by insurance companies. An attorney will represent you in court if the case reaches the point of a lawsuit.

What rights does a car accident victim not have?

Yes. Reporting a vehicle accident is a right that you do not have. Georgia law requires that anyone involved in traffic accidents must report it to the appropriate law enforcement agency. You cannot pretend that the accident didn’t happen.

You don’t have the right to press witnesses. Although you may ask witnesses for their contact information and they will be happy to provide it, witnesses have the right to decide whether or not to testify. You cannot also entice witnesses into testifying in your favor.

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