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Every industry and occupation could be prone to accidents at work. Transportation, mining, construction manufacturing, and mining are all more prone to injuries at work due to the inherent risks and hazards. But, accidents can occur in any job.

A Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer should be sought out if you’ve been injured or sickened due to hazardous working conditions. 1Georgia Injury Lawyers can help you receive the maximum benefits. We will help you determine whether you’re entitled to an award for your workplace accident.

It isn’t easy to comprehend the federal and state laws on employment and compensation. Handling a workers’ compensation claim yourself is not a good idea. Our Georgia injury lawyers can help you defend your rights throughout the process. There is no need to fight the insurance company on your own. Our legal experts will handle the negotiations with insurance adjusters for you.

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What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Can I Claim in Georgia?

Here are some workers’ comp benefits you could be entitled to should you be injured while performing your job here in Georgia, GA.

Medical Care

If you get injured while working Your employer will be responsible the medical expenses. This may include hospitalizations. Medical expenses are typically paid for by the insurance of your employer.

Benefits for Temporary Total Disabilities

The doctor may recommend that you take a time off or leave of absence from work following an accident at work. The benefits will pay you an amount of money in the event that your illness or injury hinders your ability to earn wages.

Physical Therapy

If you suffer from chronic discomfort or repetitive injuries This treatment could be beneficial. The treatment is able to ease discomfort, eliminate imbalances and help restore movement and function. It also increases strength.


Your insurance provider or employer may be required to pay for the cost of prescription medications if you are involved in an accident at work in Georgia.

Essential Travel

A Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you in claiming gas and parking costs as well as parking fees.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is offered to employees who have suffered injuries or suffered from an illness or injury on the job. These programs aid injured workers with returning to work following recuperation. They offer retraining as well as career counseling and help in the job search.

Why Do I Need a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

A lawyer for workers’ compensation could be of great help to you. If you’ve been injured at work, it’s recommended to contact 1Georgia Injury Lawyers’ skilled legal team. Here are a few of the services our lawyers can offer:

Create a Case or File a Claim

Our lawyers are on hand to gather all the evidence needed and conduct thorough investigations into the case. We will make use of evidence like witnesses’ statements and surveillance footage, as well as medical reports, police reports, and other documents to determine the legality and worth of the claim. Once we’ve determined the person responsible for your injuries We will submit a workers’ compensation claim.

Settlement Negotiations

In settlement negotiations, it is important to have an experienced negotiator by your side. The lawyers at 1Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers will negotiate with the insurer of your employer to negotiate the most favorable settlement that is possible. Insurance adjusters may offer small settlements if you decide to represent yourself.

Appealing a Denied Claim

The well-known Georgia law firm has a good reputation and is ready to challenge the decision of the insurer. We will examine the response from the insurer, and then attach any additional information that will help you get the money you’re entitled to. To determine if the insurance company was acting in bad faith Our lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation.

Representation/Preparation for Trial

Our Georgia workers’ compensation lawyers will bring your case to the courts of Georgia in the event that negotiations fail. If we’re not happy with the Industrial Commission’s ruling and we decide to appeal, we’ll go to an appeals court. Our Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys will work tirelessly to defend your rights.

How Much Does a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Cost?

1Georgia Injury Lawyers PLLC’s Georgia workers’ compensation lawyers operate on a contingency. If your case is dismissed and you lose, you do not have to pay any costs. This lets you focus on your recovery, not worrying about upfront or hourly fees.

A contingency fee agreement must be prepared in accordance with the Georgia State Bar. The only time you have to pay is when you are compensated in the event of an accident at work.

What Is the Responsibility of an Employee in a Workers’ Comp Claim?

The employee is accountable to report any workplace incident to their employer, either verbally as well as in writing. It is important to report the incident promptly or within 30 days. Additionally, you must seek medical assistance from a licensed medical professional as soon as you can. Inform your healthcare provider that the condition or injury that you’re suffering from is related to work.

Notifying your employer of the injury or illness you suffered can allow you to make a Georgia worker’s comp claim.

A friend or family member can help you draft an injury report in the event that you are not able to. They could also submit the statement to your employer. In order to receive the maximum amount of compensation it is essential to adhere to the advice of your physician. 1 Georgia Injury Lawyers PLLC’s Georgia workers’ compensation lawyers are on hand to help you navigate the complicated procedure.

What Does the Employer Do in the Workers’ Compensation Process?

Employers must inform the workers’ compensation insurer in the event of an occupational illness or injury. Employers must also notify the insurance company of any illness or injury they suspect is causing the injury or illness. The incident must have occurred while on the job.

If medical costs for an employee exceed $4,000.00 An employer is required to submit an Employer’s Report of Injury to an Employee with the Industrial Commission. This is often referred to as Formula 19. If an employee is unable to work for longer than a day because of injury an employer is also required to submit a claim. within five days of finding out about the injury of the employee, the claim should be filed.

Employers must provide an original copy of Form 19 to the worker. The document must be accompanied by an unsigned Notice to Employer as well as a Claim for Employee form. Form 18 is a different name for this type of form.

Can I Be fired for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

It’s illegal in Georgia to fire or dismiss a worker who files workers’ compensation claims. Employers shouldn’t discriminate against or penalize employees who file workers’ compensation insurance claims. This is in violation of the Retaliatory Employee Discharge Act (REDA) which safeguards employees who participate in prohibited actions.

After filing a claim your employer could dismiss you. You are able to file a complaint with the Georgia Department of Labor. If your employer fires you or reduces your status, our respected law firm is able to offer sound legal advice.

Can I Sue My Employer for a Workplace Injury?

Employers are not liable for the majority of worker’s compensation cases. The majority of workers’ compensation benefits are provided by your employer’s insurance company. You might be able to bring a lawsuit against your employer in specific circumstances.

If you’ve suffered injuries result of your employer’s negligent or reckless actions and you want to sue them, you have the option of suing them. In order to show that your employer violated their duty of taking care of you and caused damage and injuries, you’ll require the help of a Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer.

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You could be entitled to compensation if you’ve been injured in an accident on the job in Georgia. You are entitled to compensation as an employee. Employers have the same obligations, rights, and responsibilities. A knowledgeable lawyer for workers’ compensation will protect your interests and protect your rights in the event of a personal injury claim.

Our legal team at 1Georgia Injury Lawyers PLLC will assist you in obtaining the benefits you’re entitled to. To make a convincing case, we’ll conduct an exhaustive investigation of your case. We will help you obtain compensation for income loss and medical prescriptions, surgeries expenses, physical therapy costs, and the loss of earning capacity.

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