Can Dashcam Footage Be Used in a Car Accident Injury Claim?

Many drivers today have a dashcam, just to record anything that might happen. The main factor in a road traffic accident compensation claim is to determine the liability of a person. A claimant may rely on evidence and witnesses to come forward, particularly if the defendant denies being at fault.

With the increasing number of car accidents, dashboard cams can help provide critical evidence of who caused an accident and how it all happened. Recently, dash cams are becoming increasingly common among drivers. Most people use dash cams to record everything happening while out driving.

There is a lot a dash cam can capture that can help you prove fault when an accident occurs.

However, there is often a question of legality and usefulness where dash cams are concerned. Therefore you need the professional assistance of car accident lawyers who can guide you regarding the legality and benefits of dashcams and how to use this evidence to strengthen your claim.

What is a Dashboard Camera?

A dashboard cam or a dashcam is a small video cam designed for continuous recording. It can be attached to the front windscreen near the rear-view mirror of your car. The latest, most advanced cameras come with a GPS that can efficiently record location, the direction of travel, speed, latitude, and longitude.

The cameras are either powered through the electrical system of your car using 12V sockets or are hardwired. They can be fixed using suction cups, brackets, or sticky pads. Plus, they can be removed and attached again whenever required.

The camera faces the direction of travel but still is useful in case of diversion from the side or behind. It can be used to prove the claimant’s narrative. They also record the registration number of other vehicles to get compensation claims in case of hit-and-run collisions.

How a Dash Cam Can Benefit Your Injury Case

Footage collected from a dashboard cam acts as indisputable evidence.

Once the dashcam footage has been properly submitted, it can benefit your case by:

  • Showing exactly what happened
  • Showing who is at fault
  • Detecting drivers that may have escaped from the scene
  • Identifying witnesses to call upon for statements, if needed
  • Proving severity of the accident to ensure that you are compensated for damages

By capturing the footage of your car collision, you can establish who was at fault. Insurers accept collision scene footage when reviewing claims and detecting liability for compensation. Dashcam footage can be used as critical evidence in court.

It is also believed that the dash cams have helped several drivers and motorists to improve their driving. Because of the increasing use of dashcams, the overall rate of car accidents has decreased. So apart from providing crucial evidence, it also causes some insurers to offer discounted premiums to policyholders with dash cams.

Sometimes other parties involved in the collision may refuse to recognize the footage. Therefore, it is ideal to hire a professional defense lawyer to properly submit for the admission of the dashcam footage as evidence.

What Can Dash Cams Capture?

Like many other video recording devices, the dash cams can proficiently capture their surrounding depending on what appears in the device’s line of sight.

Regarding car accidents, dash cams can capture:

  • License plate numbers
  • Make, model, and color of the vehicles
  • Drivers involved in the accident
  • Speed of the cars
  • Seatbelt usage
  • Driving behavior like being erratic/negligent or disobeying laws
  • Road conditions
  • Traffic lights and signage
  • People who witnessed the accident

Can Your Dashcam Be Used Against You? 

Yes, your dashcam footage can be used against you.

The more gadgets you install in your cars, the easier it is to become distracted. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents. Accidents are unpredictable, and you can be at fault too. You do not want to record yourself or anyone else in your vehicle while it’s moving. But if you drive carefully and obey all the laws, then you have nothing to worry about.

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