Swimming Pool Accidents In Alpharetta: Who Is Liable?

Swimming pool accidents can be deadly and unpredictable. Many people gather at swimming pools each year to get away from the sun and enjoy warm weather. This leisure time can instantly become dangerous if the pool owner fails to take proper precautions regarding pool safety.

A pool owner or entity that operates a pool is responsible for maintaining and operating the pool. Accidents occur if the owners fail to fulfill their legal duties, supervise those using the pool, or follow proper precautions.

That’s why pool owners, whether at a private residence, a private club, or in a public setting, can face liability when a pool visitor gets involved in an accident. However, the owner is by no means inevitably held accountable for any injury that occurs in or around the pool.

If you or a loved one was injured in a pool-related accident, you can pursue compensation for the damages or injuries they have sustained by filing a claim.

A professional attorney can guide you through the process and help you get proper compensation in accord with your injuries.

Types of Injuries from Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools pose several risks to individuals. Some injuries and hazards are possible in or out of the pool. Some of the risks involved here are as follow:


The CDC reports that drowning is the foremost cause of injury-related death among children between ages one and four. When drowning is not fatal, it can cause brain damage due to the loss of oxygen during the near-drowning swimming pool accidents.

Slips and Falls

Another hazard you may face that leads to swimming pool accidents is the wet ground area around the pool. It can cause people to slip and fall, leading to severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, fractures, or spinal cord injuries.

The owners should supervise dangerous behavior around or in the pool to prevent accidents.

Defective Pool Drains 

It is imperative to cover the pool drains properly. If the drains are not covered completely, it may lead to drowning, soft tissue injuries, or damage to internal organs.

Electrical Defects

Faulty electrical systems, combined with water, can have dangerous consequences. The owners need to monitor the electrical system and repair malfunctions as soon as possible.

Improper Security

To keep children and other visitors safe swimming pool must have suitable fencing or some kind of latched gate to prevent anyone from falling in and drowning.

Your Status at the Time of the Accident Affects Your Ability to Recover Compensation

When a person is injured in or around the pool area, the owner is held liable based on the premises liability principles. Premises liability denotes the legal responsibilities that are compulsory for a property owner to help prevent injuries to visitors.

Pool owners owe a certain duty of care to each person visiting their property. Your status as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser will conclude the duty of care the pool owner is obliged to you.

The property owner’s duty depends on the legal classification of a visitor when they enter the pool area. The legal classification is mainly of the following three types:


If you are visiting a public pool you are considered as an invitee.

An example of an invitee is someone who uses a public pool. The property owner must reasonably conserve and repair the pool to prevent injuries.


Licensees are on private pool property for some social reasons. An example would be if you are a guest at a pool party, you would be a licensee. The property owner must warn licensees of incomprehensible dangers.


People who enter a pool area without permission are trespassers. The only legal duty of the owner is not to harm them intentionally.

What is an Attractive Nuisance?

An artificial condition on any property that is attractive to children is an attractive nuisance. Things like pools, trampolines, abandoned vehicles, and discarded appliances are examples.

Attractive nuisance law approved by Georgia’s Supreme Court holds that children are unaware of the hazards involved in trespassing upon the property. Property owners must inhibit access to these nuisances to protect children from possible injury.

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