5 Common Reasons Workers Compensation Claims Are Rejected

Have you recently suffered an injury on the job in Buford? You’ve followed all the necessary steps to file your workers comp claim, hoping for financial support during your recovery. But to your dismay, your claim has been denied. Now what?

There are multiple reasons why workers’ comp claims get denied. With the guidance of an experienced Buford workers’ compensation lawyer, you may be able to overcome the denial and secure the benefits you rightfully deserve.

Here are the most frequent reasons why your workers comp claim may be denied.

1. You Waited Too Long to Report the Accident

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, and it’s understandable that you may not have immediately reported your work-related injury. However, waiting too long to report the accident can be a significant reason for your workers’ comp claim being denied.

When it comes to reporting workplace injuries, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the more skeptical insurance companies become about the legitimacy of your claim. They may argue that since you didn’t report the incident promptly, your injuries might not be as severe or directly related to work.

To avoid this obstacle, make sure to notify your employer as soon as possible after an accident occurs. Reporting within 24 hours is generally recommended but check with your company’s specific policies regarding reporting timelines. By promptly alerting them about what happened and filing a formal incident report, you establish clear documentation of when and how the injury occurred.

2. You Failed or Refused the Employer Mandated Drug Test

One of the common reasons why your workers’ comp claim may have been denied is if you failed or refused to take the employer mandated drug test. Drug tests are a standard procedure in many workplaces, especially in industries where safety is paramount.

When an accident occurs on the job, it’s important for employers and insurance companies to determine whether drugs or alcohol played a role. If you refuse to take the drug test, it raises suspicions and can be seen as non-compliance with company policies. By failing or refusing the drug test, you’re essentially giving them grounds to deny your workers’ comp claim. 

3. You Delayed Seeking Medical Attention

Failing to see medical attention after a workplace accident can have serious implications for your workers’ compensation claim in Buford. It is crucial to promptly seek medical care, not only for your health and well-being but also to ensure the success of your claim.

When you delay seeking medical attention, it raises doubts about the severity of your injuries and whether they are directly related to the workplace incident. Insurance companies may argue that if you didn’t seek immediate treatment, then perhaps the injury isn’t as severe as you claim or that it occurred outside of work.

work injury

Additionally, delaying medical attention can worsen your condition. Some injuries require immediate intervention for successful recovery. By postponing treatment, you risk exacerbating your injuries and potentially prolonging their healing time.

4. You Have No Witnesses to Support Your Claim

When it comes to filing a workers’ compensation claim, having witnesses who can corroborate your account of the accident is crucial. Unfortunately, if you find yourself without any witnesses to support your claim, it can make the process more challenging.

Without witness testimony, insurance companies may view your case with skepticism and question the validity of your injuries. They may argue that there is not enough evidence to prove that the accident occurred as you described or that your injuries are directly related to your work.

However, just because you don’t have eyewitnesses doesn’t mean all hope is lost for receiving the benefits you deserve. There are many other ways to strengthen your claim and provide additional evidence.

Gather any other forms of documentation that can support your case. This could include photographs of the accident scene or any physical evidence such as damaged equipment or safety hazards present at the time of injury.

Remember to consult with an experienced Buford workers’ compensation attorney who can guide you through this process. They will know how to navigate these challenges and build a strong case on your behalf based on available evidence.

5. You Have a History of Filing Workers Comp Claims

Having a history of filing workers comp claims can be a significant factor in the denial of your current claim. Insurance companies may view this as a pattern and question the legitimacy of your injuries or accidents. They might argue that you are trying to take advantage of the system or have a tendency to exaggerate your claims.

When evaluating your case, insurance adjusters will likely review your previous claims and any medical records associated with them. If they find inconsistencies or discrepancies, they could use it against you to deny your current claim.

It is essential to understand that having prior workers comp claims does not automatically mean that your current claim is invalid. However, it does make it more critical than ever to present strong evidence and documentation supporting the legitimacy of your injuries and their connection to work-related activities.

To overcome this challenge, consulting with an experienced Buford workers comp lawyer is crucial. We can help gather all necessary evidence, including medical records, witness statements, and expert opinions if needed. An attorney will ensure that you have robust legal representation throughout the process while advocating for fair compensation for your injuries.

Discuss Your Legal Options with an Experienced Buford Workers Comp Attorney!

If your workers comp claim was denied, it’s important not to lose hope. While the denial may be disheartening, there may be ways to overturn the decision. 

An experienced Georgia workers compensation lawyer can file an appeal on your behalf and you may be able to obtain the benefits you deserve. Since we offer each new client a free case review, you have no reason to hesitate. Call us now at 678-635-9939!