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There are numerous ways an Alpharetta immigration lawyer from our firm can benefit you. The U.S. government provides numerous types of opportunities for foreign residents to visit or live in the U.S. And there are avenues through which immigrants can change their immigration status or fight a deportation order. But these processes and the laws surrounding them are complicated.

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We Can Help You Get a Visa

Nearly 10.5 million people are granted either permanent residency or a temporary stay each year, according to the Bureau of Consular Affairs. People come to the U.S. for a lot of different reasons.

Some wish to visit, some wish to study, and some hope to make the United States their home. The type of visa that suits you depends largely upon your reason for travel. While listing every single category is beyond the scope of this page, below are examples of some of the types of visas and green cards issued each year.

  • Immediate relative and family-sponsored visas (IR visas, K visas, F visas)
  • Employment-based visas (E and S visas)
  • B visas (temporary business, tourism, pleasure)
  • J visas (visitors in an exchange program, e.g., interns, physicians, au pairs)
  • I visas (members of foreign media and press)
  • P visas (athletes, entertainers, artists)
  • H visas (certain specialty occupations)
  • F and M visas (educational and vocational students)
  • DV visas (visa lottery program)

Because each visa has its own unique requirements, you should discuss your goals, purpose of travel, and background info with an immigration attorney at our firm before beginning an application. Your immigration lawyer will be able to determine if you qualify and which steps you need to take.

We Can Help With Adjustment of Status, Fight Deportation & More

But getting a visa is far from the only immigration service we provide. Below are some of the other types of services that we provide our clients.

  • Change immigration status (adjustment of status)
  • Fight deportation and removal orders
  • Becoming a U.S. citizen by operation of law, the naturalization process, or through the Armed Forces
  • Asylum seekers
  • Extending visas, such as for students who wish to stay in the U.S. after graduation
  • Helping with qualification for immigration programs, such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA)

We provide other immigration services as well. Set up an appointment with an immigration lawyer at our firm to go over your case, your needs, and how we can help you.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer for Help With My Visa or Immigration Case?

Because the immigration process is so complex and specific, secure legal representation from 1Georgia Injury Lawyers to assist you. There are numerous ways an immigration lawyer from our firm can help you.

  • We can help you determine exactly what type of visa you need and walk you through the application process.
  • We can help you explore options that let you adjust your immigration status.
  • We can compile supportive documents and evidence to accompany your application or support your case.
  • We will keep you informed about the status of your application or case and handle any issues that arise.
  • We can help you prepare for appointments at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field office in your area (located in Charleston, SC for residents in Savannah, or Atlanta for residents of Macon).
  • We can keep you informed of any major changes in immigration policies and how they may affect your case.
  • We can handle any complexities such as preventing deportation, gaining asylum, extending your stay, or becoming a citizen.
  • We will serve as your advocate and advisor, and always be available to answer any case-specific questions you may have.

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